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Photographing a Heath Fragrant Orchid in north Sutherland
Torrisdale from Bettyhill.jpeg



Guided bird-watching and natural history walks in north Sutherland, Scotland

Nature Guide Graham Thompson points out the finer details in identifying a damselfly, Far North Naturalist, Sutherland, Scotland..

What can I see in north Sutherland?

Wide open spaces, for a start! The north coast of Scotland has the most wonderful array of habitats and associated flora and fauna: sea-cliffs, sandy beaches, hill and mountain, heath and bog, woodland and farm.  And very few people to disturb it.

A juvenile Northern Wheatear at Bettyhill, Sutherland, during a guided walk led by Graham of A Far North Naturalist.


... like the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly pictured here at one of the many splendid sites I could take you to.  They make for great subjects for photography, and if you want a closer look, I'll have my trusty lepidopterist's net to hand.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Sutherland, by nature tour guide Graham Thompson, A Far North Naturalist.
arctic tern.jpeg

Birds... this amazing Arctic Tern. Nesting on local beaches, these long-distance travellers are a sight to behold - from a safe distance!

Or Puffins, like this stunner. Join me on a 'Seabird Spectacular' walk to see them and many other spectacular seabirds!

puffinclosejonny-gios-kIiEtRV-ZP4-unsplash (1).jpg

Photo by Jonny Gios on  Thank you!

An unusually-coloured Heath Fragrant Orchid, Strathy, Sutherland, by Graham Thompson, Far North Naturalist.

flowers... this rather splendid Heath Fragrant Orchid, in one of the many grassland areas. As the name suggests, they do have the most wonderful scent! How many colour varieties can we find?

Is it rare, perhaps obscure, plants that you're looking for? How about some sedges?  Saltmarsh Flat-sedge? Curved Sedge?  White Beak-sedge? I can lead you to them, and teach you how to identify them!

Saltmast Flat Sedge_edited.jpg
Curved Sedge.jpg

About me.

My name's Graham, and I'm fortunate to have lived in Sutherland since 2010. I've been interested in nature for as long as I can remember. I have a Honours Degree in Ecology. I've worked in nature conservation for most of my working life, with the RSPB and Wildlife Trust, on seabird islands, on bog, woodland and heath.  I was a tour guide in France for 4 years too !

Graham Thompson, Far North Naturalist guide, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands.


I have a programme of set walks, please take a look at my Facebook page for more details.  I charge from just £10 per adult person for these. I'm adding to this list, so do check back from time to time.


However, perhaps you'd prefer something more personal. Why not customise something to suit yourself, making it very exclusive to you and your party... at a cost of just £60 for a half day or evening (c.3 and a half hours), or £110 for a full day (c.8 hours).


All outings are on foot, with a rendezvous point suitable for parking your car.

Please contact me to discuss how a walk can be tailored to best suit your location and requirements. Thank you.  Telephone and WhatsApp: 07864 322776 or via Facebook messenger.

Check out my Facebook page for my fixed walks programme, here: 


I keep a nature diary on Facebook, so keep coming back to get a great insight into what's happening with the area's wildlife and plants.

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Dark Red Helleborine, Sutherland, Highland, by G Thompson, guide at Far North Naturalist.
Greater Butterfly Orchid, north Sutherland, by G T hompson (A Far North Naturalist)
dark green fritillary butterfly by G Thompson, guide at Far North Naturalist.
n marsh orchids by G Thompson, A Far North Naturalist.
bog asphodel.jpeg
water lobelia at a Highland loch, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
grass of parnass, wildflower meadow, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
Thrift on saltmarsh, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
Eider, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
a Sutherland view, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
crossbill, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
Boletus luridus, Sutherland, by G. Thompson, (A Far North Naturalist)
spring squill, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)
cottongrass, Sutherland, by G Thompson (A Far North Naturalist)

All photographs are the property of Graham Thompson/ A Far North Naturalist

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